Best Rangoli Designs Images In 2020: Diwali Rangoli, Rangoli Kolam

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Images: is also made in front of the worshiping place of God in the courtyard of the house as well as in the temple. It is a tradition to decorate the house and courtyard by making on Diwali.

Best Rangoli Designs Images In 2020: Diwali Rangoli, Rangoli Kolam

It is called Alpana in Bengal, Ariana in Bihar, Madana in Rajasthan, Rangoli in Gujarat, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, Chowkpurana in Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, and Kolam in the south Indian states of Muggu.

Table of Content (Rangoli Designs Images)

  1. Description
  2. History and Belief’s of rangoli

  3. Benefits of Rangoli

  4. Tips to make Rangoli

  5. Making of Beautiful designs

Description (Rangoli Designs Images)

Diwali is a festival in which you get a lot of opportunity to decorate your house. Diyas, Decorative Lights, Chandeliers, Wall Hanging etc. blossom the house. Another thing that is customary to decorate the house with Diwali is Rangoli. People decorate their balcony, courtyard, main door, hall with colorful rangoli. Rangoli making is also an art. It is not just about everyone. Making Rangoli enhances the beauty of the house.

Lightning Rangoli is more popular in South Indian states, while North Indians include Alpana, which includes wet colors.

On this Diwali, which is the festival of lights, Rangoli is also made by the women of the house with great fervor. Color, flowers, colorful things, and sometimes with the help of a burning lamp, beautiful figures are made on the walls of the house or on the ground.

It is a tradition to decorate the house and courtyard by making Rangoli on Diwali.

Rangoli is also made in front of the worshiping place of God in the courtyard of the house as well as in the temple.

Creating Rangoli on Deepawali is considered very auspicious as it brings Lakshmi to the house and brings positiveness in the house.

But making Rangoli is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work.

It is easy for people who have been making Rangoli at home for a long time, but for those people who will make Rangoli for the first time.

History and Belief’s of rangoli

Alpana is also a name of Rangoli commonly made on fast, worship and festival. The word Alpana is thought to have its origin in Sanskrit ‘Olampen’, which actually means ‘to coat’.

By the way, when the art of writing was not even born in human civilization, at that time, human used to take pictures to speak. The images found in ancient caves are proof of this fact.

Even today the Japanese language is based on pictures. Later, in the Aryan era, these paintings became associated with the religious and social sentiments of the society.

This belief became stronger, that hand-painted paintings keep the house full of money and protect the family from evil forces. Some scholars consider this art to be the art before Arya caste. According to him, in the agricultural era, people used to take pictures to please the gods and goddesses.

This form of art is still found in the art of Santiniketan of Bengal. Rangoli was also used in havan and puja in Vedic culture. This form of Rangoli is also seen in Mohenjodaro and Haddappa culture 5000 years ago.

According to a legend in the Puranas, the first form of Rangoli was created by Brahma Ji. It is said that he drew the juice of mango leaves and made a picture of a woman from it. The beauty of the woman in this picture was incomparable. Later this same lady became famous as Urvashi.

This picture made by Brahma ji is called the initial form of Rangoli.

In Ramayana also, after Sita marriage and Ravana slaughter, there is evidence of decorating the entire state with attractive colorful paintings.

Benefits of Rangoli

Rangoli making has a positive effect on health. There are many colors in Rangoli, which makes the mind and brain feel happy. Being happy also refreshes your mood. This brings positive energy to your body.

As we have said that making Rangoli on Diwali is also an art form. When you have an association with any kind of art, it also has a direct effect on the heart and mind. To make different types of rangoli designs, you have to think, be creative, in which the brain has to do more work. The more active your mind, the better your health.

For those who like art, live in art, making rangoli can be a healthy option for peace of mind and to overcome mental fatigue.

When you make Rangoli, you use your fingers the most. During this time, your fingers make many different poses. This leads to intellectual development. Energy is transmitted to the brain. Creating Rangoli keeps the mind balanced. The ability to remember increases.

Colors have both positive and negative effects on body and mind. Scientists have also accepted this fact. Red, green, white, yellow etc. colors coming in contact with the energy emitted from them also have a direct effect on the mind-brain.

Some people use rice flour to make Rangoli, while some people make Rangoli with colorful flowers. Making Rangoli with flowers makes the home as well as the surrounding environment healthy. Positive energy is circulated in the home environment. The mind also blossoms after seeing the flowers. 

Tips to make Rangoli

  • The easiest way to make Rangoli is to make the outlines of the color of the design in advance.
  • Creating an outline makes it easier to color.
  • If you are making Rangoli for the first time, then try making a small Rangoli which will be easy for you.
  • To fill the colors in the outline, it is a bit difficult to paint by hand.
  • Use a cone instead, this will make it easier to paint.
  • Nowadays, stencils have come into the market making it very easy to make rangoli.
  • Stencils are available in small to large size which can be used to create beautiful designs.
  • Place these stencils on the floor where the design is to be made, then add color according to your top.
  • Slowly lift the stencils, your rangoli is ready.
  • Apart from this, if the design is not made with colors, then beautiful rangoli can also be made using flowers.

Making of Beautiful Rangoli Designs Images

  • For this, fill water in a big pot and put flowers in it and the floating candles are found in the market, also put them in the pot.
  • This style of the home decoration is called Rangoli.
  • It is an art form practiced by Indians after ages.
  • The name ‘Rangoli’ is derived from the row of colors meaning ‘colors’ and ‘Cavalli’ meaning ‘color’.
  • However, these days, a number of colored synthetic dyes have also come into the market.
  • If a thin layer of dye or paint material is used to make the rangoli, the patterns look flat.
  • A 3D effect can be provided for the design by using grains of different sizes like pulses, grains, etc.
  • Earlier such floor and wall decoration were done only on auspicious occasions.



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