Portugal vs North Macedonia

Ronaldo And Portugal Qualify For 2022 World Cup

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Portugal did just enough to win.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Before Portugal’s World Cup qualifying playoff game vs. North Macedonia Cristiano Ronaldo said, “There is no World Cup without Portugal.” adipiscing elit.

The Lynxes couldn’t pull off a second shocking upset in Porto, Portugal, on Tuesday.


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Fans feared they might not see Ronaldo at the World Cup after the initial UEFA playoff draw pitted Portugal and defending European champions Italy in the same bracket.

The valiant North Macedonia defense that shut out Italy was breached in the 32nd minute courtesy of a horrendous pass from Stefan Ristovski.

Ronaldo picked up an assist as Bruno Fernandes slotted home the goal to break Macedonian hearts.


Portugal had some decent chances before the opening goal, but the game still looked open for the taking for either side. 

North Macedonia wasn’t on the ropes in this game like it was for the entirety of the Italy game.