Dried Apricot Benefits and Nutrition: Look Wonderful Results of Apricot

Dried Apricot Benefits: Apricot has the property of removing phlegm, constipation, etc. It contains dissolved and undissolved fiber. Apricot is a seeded fruit.

Dried Apricotos Benefits

Apricots are dried to make dry apricots. Even after drying the nutrients present in it are not destroyed and it can be used at any time and in any weather.

Dried Apricot Benefits in Hindi

Nutrients in Dried Apricots

Apricots is an excellent fruit. It is notable for its abundant use of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. So, this fruit provide good result for health.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A which is beneficial in increasing eyesight and lifespan. And it is abundant in apricots. Vitamin A in fruits is in the form of provitamin A. 


Both fibers (soluble and insoluble fiber) are contains in Apricots. Apricots plays an important role in controlling glucose and body cholesterol.


The importance of Apricots is further enhanced by the availability of potassium in Apricots. With Potassium, anxiety and tension are removed. Potassium also controls metabolism and blood pressure. Potassium also strengthens bones. 


The small amount of sodium present in apricots is very important for the body. Because small amounts of sodium control high blood pressure.

Dried Apricot Benefits

Apricots is an excellent fruit for the whole body. Because it is beneficial in many health problems.

Beneficial in Constipation

Fiber-rich food is helpful in removing constipation related problems of the body. The problem of constipation is due to lack of sufficient amount of fiber. Therefore, the problem of constipation can be overcome by having soluble and insoluble fiber available in Apricots.

Keeping The Heart Healthy

Adequate potassium content is essential in controlling heart beat and keeping the heart healthy. Apricot has sufficient amount of potassium available, which helps in keeping the heart healthy.

Inadequate intake of potassium leads to problems such as fatigue, uncontrolled heartbeat.

If we talk about adequate amount of potassium, then a healthy body should have 3.5-5.0 mmol / L potassium.

Beneficial for The Skin

Dry Apricots seed plays an important role for skin health. Vitamin C is sufficient in apricot seeds. Therefore, the oil of apricot seeds makes the skin soft. Apricot seed oil can eliminate skin itching, cymbals, pimpulse and sunburn. Apricot seed scrub plays an important role in removing dead skin cells of the skin.

Get Rid of Anemia (Dried Apricot Benefits for Anemia)

The presence of sufficient amount of iron in the dried apricots helps in curing anemia. The body suffers from anemia due to lack of sufficient iron. Anemia is related to the lack of blood in the body. Hence, due to iron deficiency anemia, the body becomes prone to problems like fatigue, weakness and nervousness. Eating vitamin-rich food taken by the blood to quickly absorb the iron present in dried apricots  is beneficial.

Beneficial in The Digestive System

The digestive system is a major system of the body, due to lack of healthy digestive system, gas, stomach pain, and indigestion problems arise. Therefore, fiber plays a very important role in keeping the digestive system healthy. The soluble and insoluble fiber available in dry apricots is beneficial in digestive system problems.

Beneficial in Keeping Eyes Healthy

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E present in dried apricots are helpful in keeping eyes healthy.

Free radicals are very harmful for the eyes, due to which the eye suffers from many diseases. Such as light work, cataract etc.

Therefore, beta-carotene present in apricots is helpful in increasing the blood supply to the eyes. And helps in the release of free radicals from the body.

The anti-oxidant (Zea Xanthin) present in apricot helps in increasing the light of the eyes.

Beneficial in Pregnancy (Dried Apricot Benefits in Preganancy)

Pregnancy requires sufficient nutritive coasts for fetus growth. Eating iron-rich foods during pregnancy keeps women healthy. Hence, iron present in Apricots proves to be helpful in pregnancy period.

In general, problems like indigestion and constipation occur during pregnancy. Therefore, adequate intake of dissolved and insoluble fiber in apricot relieves indigestible food, gas and constipation problems.

Beneficial in High Blood Pressure

The importance of Apricots is further enhanced by the adequate availability of potassium in apricots. With Potassium, anxiety and tension are relieved. High potassium content also controls high blood pressure.

The small amount of sodium present in apricots is very important for the body. Because small amounts of sodium control high blood pressure.


The more potassium is consumed, the more sodium is released in the form of urine.
If excessive intake of potassium is taken, it proves harmful to the kidneys.
Helpful in weight gain

Apricots is like a bulking agent, which prevents us from eating large amounts of food. Soluble and insoluble fever of apricot causes a feeling of fullness of the stomach.

Profitable in Building Muscles

Potassium helps in the production of muscles, and this potassium is sufficient in apricots. Because potassium is helpful in increasing metabolism and increasing the efficiency of cells.

Beneficial in Diabetes

Four phenolic compounds are required primarily to balance glucose levels in diabetes. These are phenolic compounds – prosanidines, flavonols, hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives, and anthocyanins.

These four phenolic compounds are present in apricots. Thus, apricots can prove to be helpful in diabetes.

Beneficial in Pain and Inflammation

Apricot seed oil proves helpful in eliminating the problem of intestinal disease, ulcerative colitis. This disease causes pain and swelling in the intestines.

Profitable in Flood Balance

Apricots are highly beneficial due to having adequate amounts of potassium and fiber. Because potassium acts as an electrolyte. Electrolyte is very essential for the body. Because-

With the help of electrolyte, it helps to balance the amount of water. It is useful to balance the Ph star of the body in equilibrium.

The electrolyte is helpful for the transfer of nutrients to cells. The electrolyte plays an important role in excluding the filthiness of body cells. The function of electrolyte is commendable for smooth functioning of muscles, heart, nerves, and brain.

Is Apricot Beneficial in Cancer?

Amygdalin or Lateral (B17) chemical is present in apricot seeds, which are used as anticancer.


Before using apricot seeds in cancer, it is necessary to consult a good doctor, as it enters the body and converts to cyanide. Cynaide is considered very poisonous.

Side Effects of Dried Apricots

  • The use of dried apricots can cause intestinal obstruction.
  • Use of dry apricots may cause vomiting and abdominal pan problems.
  • Use of dry apricot seeds can produce deadly chemical in the body.

The Conclusion

Apricots (apricot or apricot) is an excellent fruit. Due to the abundant available vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, its use is commendable.

However, you must consult a specialist before using dried apricots.

Question & Answer

Q: How much potassium in apricots?

A: 64% in 100 grams of Apricots.

Q: How much sodium in apricots?

A: 1% in 100 grams of Apricots.

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