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Flexon Tablet: Know Uses, Side Effects, Warnings, Composition, Substitutes

flexon tablet

Updated On — 30th Sep, 2020 Flexon Tablet By: Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Contains: Paracetamol/Acetaminophen (325 mg) + Ibuprofen (400 mg) Nature: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Uses: Fever, dental pain, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, menstrual pain Side effects: Indigestion, heartburn, nausea   Read Also Is Avil Tablet overdose harmful? Avil Tablet Overdose How to Use Becosules Capsules for …

Avil Tablet 25 Mg: Avil Tablet Uses and Side Effects, Avil Tablet Overdose

Avil tablet

Updated On — 21st Aug, 2020 Avil Tablet 25 Mg: It is manufactured by Sanofi India and contains Pheniramine as its active medicinal ingredient. It is usually used with other medicines. It is used as an over-the-counter sleeping pill similar to itching and runny nose, allergic rhinitis, sneezing, eye irritation, motion sickness, and other various …

Becosules: Becosules Capsules, Becosules Mouth Ulcers, Becosules Plus

Becosules, Becosules Capsules, Becosules Capsules For Hair, Becosules Mouth Ulcers, Becosules Plus, Bicosules Capsules For Skin

Updated On — 30th Sep, 2020 Becosules Capsules: It is a multivitamin tablet and takes part in helping in curing diseases like- hair loss, vitamin b12 deficiency, muscle tension, etc. Becosules capsules contain multivitamins B and C as components that are required for the metabolism of amino acids in the body, for carbohydrate and tissue …