Lavender Plant: Grow, Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, Warnings

Lavender Plant: The lavender blossom is renowned for its aromatic odor. It is quite beautiful in look. Lavender is a blossom of mint species. Approximately 30 to 40 species of lavender blossom are observed on the planet. The source of the flower is regarded to be both Arabia and Russia.

Lavender Plant

Lavender Facts (Lavender Plant-Lavender leaves-Lavender Oil)

Lavender flower belongs to Lamiaceae species, roughly 39 flowering plants are observed within this species, such as mint. Plants of the species grow as shrubs, and they’re largely used for mulch. The elevation of the lavender plant is approximately two to four feet. . The form of the leaves of this plant is narrow and long, which can be green in color.

Many unique branches emerge in the source of the lavender plant, these branches are very long, on the lavender blossom blooms. The color of lavender blossoms is generally purple and blue. But in addition, it comes in pink and yellowish colors based on unique species. Approximately 1 to 10 or even more blossoms bloom on a plant. After the plant gets large, then it grows well in water. The majority of it can be used for oil extraction. Lavender oil is ready from the steam system, exactly like lavender blossom oil is among those vital oils.

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