Banana Nutrition: 14 hidden health benefits of banana


Banana contains soluble fibers and banana nutrition aids in provide increase energy levels and maintain body stamina. The family of banana is Musaceae. The scientific name banana is Musa Acuminate Colla. Banana is consumed most widely due to amazing benefits.

Soft pulp present inside the fleshy peel of a banana and it comes in various colors (green, red, yellow, and brown) and sizes. Ripe banana is consumed as salad, juice, and shake, also Unripe banana can use as a vegetable.

Banana Nutrition

Banana nutrition facts


Banana of 100 grams. contains following nutritions:-

Main nutrients: calories- 89, total fat- 0.3 g, protein- 1.1 g, total carbohydrate- 23 g

Electrolyte: Potassium- 358 mg, Sodium- 1 mg

Vitamins: Vitamin A- 1%, Vitamin C- 14%, Vitamin B-6- 20%

Minerals: Magnesium- 6%, Iron- 1%

Benefits of banana nutrition


There are many amazing benefits of banana, which includes the following:-

1.  Lower blood pressure

Banana is rich in potassium which plays an important role to manage high blood pressure by reducing sodium effect. You reduce more sodium via urine by consuming more potassium. For smoothy blood flow through the body, potassium relieves the artery and veins tension. This can aid in preventing atherosclerosis and the subsequent strokes and heart attacks which is commonly associated with it.

2.  Boost energy

Banana is a rich source of energy and aids in the human body to become more and more immune to viral infection. It helps in improving stamina and energy to anyone who uses it. The soluble fiber along with the natural sugars gives a stable energy when eaten before working out.

3.  Reduce stress

Amino acid tryptophan present in banana and that amino acid converted into serotonin after eating of banana. This serotonin plays an important role in aids in regulating sleep pattern, reduce stress, improve mood. Also banana contains dopamine which soothes nervous function and reduces stress.

4.  Babana nutrition and digestion

Banana contains carbohydrates and that carbohydrate easily digests which promote gut health. Also banana contains potassium which aids in restoring normal bowel system after diarrhea by regulation of fluids and restoration of electrolytes. For traveling of foods in the digestive tract properly, fiber plays an important role for that. So, Insoluble fiber present in banana and that adds to the bulk of stool, so aids in move foods through digestion system. Banana plays an important role for curing constipation. Fructo-oligosaccharides is present in banana and that feeds the helpful digestive tract bacteria. Digestive tract bacteria play an important role in absorbing nutrients efficiently.

5.  Cures hangovers 

For curing hangovers banana play an important role If you consume after a night of over drinking. After over drinking “alcohol makes more you pee-a lot”, the result is that you lose nutrients (vitamin B1, vitamin B6) and electrolytes, including potassium. Since, poor potassium level is responsible for cramping, soreness, and poor muscle function, so banana helps to manage it. Studies show that for reducing hangover problems banana is a better alternative to Caffeine.

6.  Increase bone health

Banana contains potassium which is good for bone health. Banana is also a good source of silicon which provides a contribution to bone health. Magnesium is another important nutrient which is important for bone structure.

The banana provides a contribution to increased calcium absorption and calcium is the most important element in production and regrowth of bone matter in the body. So, it reduces our chances of getting affected by osteoporosis and natural weakness.

7.  Improve sex life

Studies show that lack of potassium is a reason of decrease testicular testosterone. For increasing testosterone levels, banana consumption plays an important role. Increased testosterone will improve libido and sexual endurance.

An amino acid tryptophan present in banana and that amino acid produces serotonin. Serotonin turn regulates mood and boost sex drive.

8.  Treats hemorrhoids (piles)

As a natural remedy for piles banana plays an important role and rich content of fiber makes it easy to pass stools. Any type of stress is prevented by the laxative effect, so it providing relief and curing hemorrhoids or piles. In hemorrhoids or piles, veins around the anus area are swollen.

9.  Cures heartburn

Banana nutrition plays an important role for heartburn curing. It increases the protective mucucs layer and maintains PH of a stomach, so you can free from heartburn pain. Banana contains fiber which makes the food movement to the digestive tract much faster and thus, preventing an acid reflux.

10.  Boost brain health

Banana contains vitamin B6 and vitamin B6 increase cognitive function. A study shows that rich vitamin B value performed better in memory tests. Lack of vitamin B6 can cause depression, confusion, and peripheral neuropathy. Our brain can’t store glucose but brain cells utilize glucose as fuel. Manganese present in banana and this manganese prevent brain conditions like- epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, consuming banana regularly can boost brain power and nerve function.

11.  Cures ulcers

Banana nutrition has anti-ulcerogenic properties, so banana nutrition aids in protecting the stomach against cancers if eating that regularly and regularly eating banana thickens the mucus barriers inside the stomach. Protease inhibitors present in banana ant that inhibitors aids in bacteria reduction that causes stomach ulcers.

12.  Treatment for Diarrhea

Bacterial infection, food allergy or simply something you have eaten that not suit with your body is responsible for diarrhea. Diarrhea is related to dehydration. In dehydration water and other nutrients lost from body tissue. By consuming banana you get relief from diarrhea.

For quick recovery of diarrhea, you can use a BRAT diet (banana, rice, applesauce, and toast). In BRAT diet banana play a significant role. BRAT diet decreases stool production and provides stomach relief. Banana is rich in potassium, so banana aids in replacing nutrients which are lost from your body due to diarrhea.

13.  Anemia treatment

Banana contains vitamin C and this vitamin helps in proper absorption of iron. Iron plays an important role in fighting against anemia and banana contains iron. Iron plays an important role in producing red blood cells (RBC) and increased red blood cell counts prevent anemia.

14.  Skin care

Banana plays an important role for curing skin. For treating acne and psoriasis problems, you can use a banana peel. You rub a banana peel on the affected area of skin for reducing skin problems. Also, for removing warts you can use a banana peel.

Side effects


Sometimes, excess eating of banana is harmful to you. Excess eating of banana is not good in regular migraine attacks, so need to avoid that.

Banana contains tyramine and this tyramine can trigger migraine headaches. Banana is rich in potassium, so excess eating of banana is responsible for hyperkalemia.

Therefore, banana nutrition provides significant benefits to your good health if consumed in ideal quantity.



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