Carrot nutrition: Nutrition facts, Benefits and Side Effects


Carrot or carrot nutrition can use as a substitute for vitamin A pills and carrot or carrot nutrition works as a host of health benefits due to a great number of vital nutrients. Carrot is a root vegetable and the classification of it is Daucus carota. It has many varieties like- orange, red, purple, and yellow, white, black.

Carrot nutrition


Carrot gives great nutrition value of vitamin A, beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants. Beta-carotene which is an antioxidant cause orange color and beta-carotene convert into vitamin A.

Carrot nutrition


Carrot is a favorite vegetable due to amazing nutrition value and amazing benefits and uses widely. 100 grams carrot contains:-

Main nutrients: Calories- 41, total fat- 0.2 g, protein- 0.9 g, total carbohydrates- 10 g

Electrolyte: Sodium- 69 mg, potassium- 320 mg

Vitamins: Vitamin A- 334%, vitamin C- 9%, vitamin B-6- 5%

Minerals: Calcium- 0.03%, magnesium- 3%, Iron- 1%

Carrot nutrition benefits


Eating an ideal quantity of carrot gives many benefits like- diabetes control, cancer prevention, vision improvement, blood pressure control, manage an immune system, heart health and more. Buy carrot also have some side effects, if eating in excess quantity. Side effects are:-

1.  Control diabetes

Steamed carrot in small amount good for a diabetic person. Carrot contains beta-carotene and beta-carotene and this antioxidant helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Carrot contains carotenoids that effect against insulin resistance and lower blood sugar for a happy and healthy life.

2.  Prevent cancer

Carrot produces falcarinol, which is a natural pesticide and this pesticide protects roots against fungal disease. Carrot juice destroys Leukemia cells and also inhibits progression of leukemia. Beta-carotene also protects against prostate cancer. Carrot contains beta-carotene that against the fight against the various type of cancer like- colon cancer.

3.  Improves vision

Deficiency of vitamin A cause night blindness and carrot contain a great amount of vitamin A. So, vitamin A helps to reduce night blindness. Beta-carotene presents in carrot and converts into vitamin A in the liver.

4.  Control blood pressure

Potassium component exists in rich value in carrot. Potassium component has an amazing blood pressure control and heart rate control property. Also, potassium increases blood flow and circulation and reduce pressures on the cardiovascular system. Sodium component also presents in carrot and sodium component is responsible for heart rate and blood pressure disorder.

5.  Improve oral health

Carrots are a crunch in nature and clean mouth and teeth. Also, minerals of carrot prevent tooth damage. Carrots are also stimulating gums and induce excess saliva. Saliva has alkaline property in natures which fight against bacteria, cavities, and other oral disorders.

6.  Heart health

High cholesterol is responsible for most heart diseases. With beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein also present in carrot. Soluble fibers of carrot bind bile acids. So, carrot reduces the cholesterol levels.

7.  Digestion

Carrot roots contain a good amount of dietary fiber. Tomato fibers’ are promoted peristaltic motion in digestion muscles and this motion help release gastric and digestive juice. Also, tomato release toxins and prevent jaundice. Stool movements become smoothie if adding bulk fiber. The whole process reduces some problems like- constipation.

8.  Immune system

White blood cells protect your body against harmful diseases. Vitamin C present in carrot and vitamin C stimulate white blood cells activity. Carrot consists of antiseptic and antibacterial properties and these properties provide the strong immune system.

9.  Skin care

Carrots have vitamin A and antioxidants which protect skin against sun damage. Insufficient amount of vitamin A is responsible for dry skin, hair, nails.

Carrot side effects


Definitely, a carrot is an excellent natural vegetable and have many benefits if consume an ideal amount. Consuming excess amount can create some side effects. Some side effects are:-

Carrot contains high sugar with 97 glycaemic indexes. So, sugar converts into glucose and increase sugar levels. Therefore, steamed carrot in small amount is good for a diabetic person.

Studies show that breastfeeding milk flavor change due to rich vitamins and minerals in carrot. Therefore, avoid excess carrot juice.

Beta-carotene is present in carrot which causes yellow or orange skin if you consume in large quantity.

Consuming too many carrots creates some digestion system problems like bloating, stomach cramp, and gas due to high insoluble dietary fiber.

The studies show that carrot contains 26 pesticides by the United State Department of Agriculture’s Pesticides. In these pesticides, 8 pesticides increase cancer generating risk, 16 pesticides responsible for hormone system. Therefore, it is important that consume carrots in an ideal quantity. Try to consume organic carrot.

If you consume too many carrots then it can interfere against the absorption of iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium etc. and you get essential vital nutrients deficiency. A high amount of carrot fibers responsible for this side effect. Therefore, it’s important that you consume an ideal quantity of carrots.

Bottom line


Carrot nutrition gives many benefits if consumed in ideal quantity. Also, eating a high amount of carrot has some side effects.


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