Cucumber Benefits: Top 9 Health Benefits of Cucumber, Side Effects


If we search for an ideal hydrating and cooling food, then cucumber is the best option and cucumber benefits play an important role in making a good health. it contains 95 % of water. Consuming of cucumber salad has amazing benefits. Cucumis sativua is scientific name of cucumber and family of cucumber is Zucchinis.

Cucumber benefits


Cucumber uses as a traditional herbal medicine since ancient time in India. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, copper, and potassium. Due to these essential nutrients, cucumber can lead to excellent health benefits if you consume in a daily diet.

A high percentage of water (95 %) in cucumber keep the body hydrated and flush out many hazardous substances.

Cucumber nutrition


Cucumber is most beneficial if you add it in your daily diet because it contains amazing benefits. It has a good nutrition value of vitamin K and also molybdenum. Trace mineral silica is present in cucumber which makes our connective tissue stronger. Cucumber also contains ascorbic acid and caffeic acid and both use as water loss prevention of our body.

100 gram of cucumber contains:-

Principle nutrients: Calories- 16, Total fat- 0.1 g, Protein- 0.7 g, Total Carbohydrate- 3.6 g

Electrolyte: Potassium- 147 mg, Sodium- 2 mg

Vitamins: Vitamin A- 2 %, Vitamin C- 4 %

Minerals: Calcium- 0.1 %, Iron- 1 %, Magnesium- 3 %

Cucumber benefits


Eating cucumber has many amazing benefits. Cucumber benefits are:-

 1.  Hydration

Water is very essential to our body. Our body cells, tissue, and organ need water for working properly. Water use in maintaining body temperature, remove waste, and lubricant our joints. Hydration is a chemical reaction. Addition of water (H2O) is called hydration and removal of water is called dehydration. Dehydration is responsible for lack of sodium chloride (NaCl) or salt and water in our body.

Cucumber has great hydration property. Cucumber contains 95 % of water and contains essential electrolytes. So, hydration is very important for our good health.

2.  Skin care

Silica present in cucumber. And silica helps to generate strong and connective tissues. Sunburn and swelling under the eyes removed by cucumber extract. Due to cooling and smoothing effects cucumber slice placed on the eyes in a spa for decreasing swelling, irritation, and inflammation of eyes.

3.  Lowering Blood pressure

A good value of Magnesium, potassium, and fiber present in cucumber. These components help to control blood pressure. A

Also, arteries pressure is reduced and keeps them hydrated by cucumber. Therefore, cucumber helps in fighting against high blood pressure or hypertension.

4.  decrease cancer symptoms

Cucumber has an ability to reduce cancerous symptoms at the early stages due to a component of fisetin, caffeic acid, cucurbitacins, and lutein which are present in cucumber. Consuming cucumber or cucumber water can help to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of cancers like- prostate, breast, lung, ovarian, and uterine due to fisetin and caffeic acid presence in cucumber.

5.  Helps in digestion

Cucumber contains A great value of water and fiber. And both are essential in digestion. Cucumber aid to inhibit the acute acid reflux symptoms. A high water content of cucumber manages the bowel movement and softens the stool. Insoluble fiber present in the skin of cucumber and that fiber adds in bulk to stool, so, it removes undigested food more easily.

6.  Boost bone health

Vitamin K present in cucumber and vitamin K is a very essential nutrient for bone health. And also Vitamin K is important for formation on bone. Studies show that a lack of vitamin K levels produce osteoporosis and also lack of vitamin K is responsible for fracture risk. So, in cucumber benefits bone health boosting is an important benefit.

7.  Use in heart care

Cucumber contains numerous cancer prevention agents, including flavonoids, which are known to secure against coronary illness. Cucumber has potassium that decreases pulse levels. An appropriate equalization of potassium, both outside and inside the cells, is pivotal for the body to work legitimately. Potassium, being an electrolyte, must keep up a specific grouping of with a specific end goal to do its capacities. This may incorporate communicating with sodium to enable control to nerve drive transmission, muscle compression, and heart work.

8.  Reduce bad breath

Utilization of cucumber discharges abundance warm in the stomach which is the essential driver of awful breath. Putting a cucumber cut on the top of your mouth encourages you to dispose of sickness causing microbes.

9. Lowering diabetes

Cucumber has a hormone that is required by the beta cells amid insulin generation and, subsequently has been helpful for diabetic patients for a long time. The starches in cucumber can be effortlessly processed by diabetic patients and this holds glucose in line.

Side effects


There are many Cucumber benefits yet in addition cucumber has some reactions. Cucumber contains poisons like cucurbitacins and tetracyclic triterpenoids which can demonstrate unfavorable whenever expended in huge amount. Cucurbitin, a mellow enemy of diuretic, is available in cucumber and overabundance of it can abandon you profoundly got dried out. Overabundance admission of vitamin C, present in cucumber, can turn around its activities and make it act like a genius oxidant as opposed to an enemy of oxidant.



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