Lemon Juice: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon, Side Effects


Lemon is rich in vitamin C and it is a very popular citrus fruit. Lemon juice plays an incredible role in human health. It is native to Asia. It is related to Rutaceae family and the scientific name is Citrus limon. Lemon is oval in shape with a sour taste and contains a high concentration of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is present in lemon in rich quantity. So, it aids in improving digestion, encourages weight loss. It aids in constipation treatment, fever, rheumatism, obesity, dental problems, high blood pressure, respiratory disorder, throat infections etc.

Lemon Juice


Lemon is consumed as in the salad, lemon water, and its juice use in various dishes due to its refreshing smell and tart flavor. It considers as a blood purifier and it is also useful in breath freshener.

Nutrition facts


Nutrition value per 100 gram.

Principal nutrition: Energy- 29 kcal, Carbohydrate- 9.32 g, protein- 1.10 g, Total fat- 0.30 g, Dietary fiber- 2.80 g

Vitamin: Vitamin A- 22 IU, Vitamin C- 53 mg, Vitamin E- 0.15 mg, Folates- 11 µg

Phyto-nutrients: Beta-carotene- 3 µg, Crypto-xanthin- 20 µg, Lutein-zeaxanthin- 11 µg

Mineral: Calcium- 26 mg, magnesium- 8 mg, Iron- 0.60 mg

Electrolyte: Potassium- 138 mg, Sodium- 2 mg

Lemon juice benefits


Juice nutrients contain various health benefits if consumed in ideal quantity. Benefits are:-

 1.  Weight loss

For weight loss, drinking water plays an important role because water aids to reduce your daily caloric intake and lose weight. Drinking water or warm water intake boost your metabolic level. If we adding some drops in warm water and then it boosts metabolic rate and helps in weight loss. Warm water with some drops of lemon plays a significant role in weight loss program. Studies show that lemon aids in limits the body fat due to polyphenols chemical which presents in lemon.

Potassium present in lemon which aids in increasing metabolism and digestion. Also vitamin C present in lemon and this vitamin helpful for weight loss. Lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and honey in morning time is the best time for consuming because of this time metabolic rate in high levels.

2.  Improve heart health

Lemon contains potassium so lemon water helps heart problems. Lemon contains vitamin C which is associated with a reduced risk of stroke. Blood clot produce ischemic stroke and lemon or lemon water helps in controlling ischemic stroke. This blood clot generated by blocking of blood flow to the brain.

3.  Dental health care

Lemon juice is very acidic and also it has vitamin C. It play an important role in caring for dental health. Periodontitis or gum infections can generate due to a low concentration of vitamin C. So, it increases the concentration of vitamin C. If you apply juice of the lemon to toothache portion then it aids in comfort in pain.

If you massage your gums with lemon water then it helps in prevent gum bleeding. It prevents bad odors of mouth which are caused by gum diseases. If you add some lemon drops in toothpaste and apply to your outer layer of teeth then you get white teeth as well as prevent bad breath. Lemon is high in acidic property and if you feel your mouth starts burning then rinse with normal water quickly.

4.  Control internal bleeding

Due to coagulant and antiseptic properties lemon can helps to prevent internal bleeding. For stopping internal bleeding you can use lemon juice drops with a small cotton ball and put cotton ball inside the nose.

5.  Indigestion

Lemon helps in curing digestion problems due to a high concentration of vitamin C. If you add some drops of lemon juice in warm water and drink it in the early morning, then you can get rid of digestion problem. Toxins remove from the digestive system and from the kidney by using warm water with adding some lemon drops. Thus, it plays an important role in boosting immunity and purifying the blood.

6.  Control high blood pressure

Lemon water or lemon juice plays an important role to control high blood pressure due to high potassium content. It also in controlling heart disease, nausea, and dizziness. It decreases depression and stress.

7.  Prevent kidney stones

Citrus acid appears to add to lessen the odds of creating calcium oxalate stones, clinical studies show that citrus acid from lemon juice has been appeared to diminish pee causticity, in this way decreasing kidney stone rate. Vitamin C may likewise give assurance, yet it indistinct regardless of whether this insurance is as huge as citrus acid.

8.  Skin care

It plays an important role in curing skin related problems due to its natural antiseptic property. Lemon contains citric acid and this acid works as a natural bleaching agent. So, it is very useful for lightening and brightening the skin complexions. Scars and age spots may cause skin discoloration so, it aids in cure the discoloration. Lemon is very useful for making an anti-wrinkle mask. Juice of the lemon, honey and few drops of almond oil are used in anti-wrinkle mask making.

9.  Useful in acne and blackheads

For curing acne and blackheads lemon plays an important role due to its anti-bacterial properties. For this, you take a cotton ball and dip in dilute extract juice of lemon, then apply it to an affected area. It aids in heal the acne also it reduce blackheads.

10.  Hair care

Studies show that juice of lemon is very useful in the treatment of hair. Juice of lemon help in removing dandruff, control hair loss.  It is natural hair shiner and it can be used in lice treatment.

Lemon juice side effects


There are some side effects of lemon. Side effects are:-

  • Using too much juice can harmful to teeth because it is high in acidic. So, too much juice can corrode your tooth enamel.
  • If you have cancer sores then lemon can worsen them more due to citric acid. And also juice can worsen peptic ulcers.
  • Vitamin C present in lemon and it is very necessary nutrient but taking it in excess can hazardous to health. It is responsible for nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach if consuming it in excess.
  • Non-heme iron absorption is increased by vitamin C and it is not good for hemochromatosis. Excess iron is stored in hemochromatosis (rare inherited condition) and that excess iron can responsible for organs damage.

Therefore, lemon is juicy fruits which have many benefits if consuming in ideal quantity. Excess consumption of lemon juice is harmful to health. If you have critical health problems (cancer sores, peptic ulcers, hemochromatosis etc.) then it is better to avoid it for good health or use it very carefully because it is very acidic.


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