What Is Breast Cancer | Breast Cancer Definition | Signs of Breast Cancer

What is Breast Cancer: When breast cells occur as uncontrolled growth, then cancer can get a chance. These cells are a form of tumor and seen by x-ray. There are different types of Breast cancer and depends on which breast cell turn into cancer.

What Is Breast Cancer

There are three parts that are made a breast- lobules (glands), ducts (tubes), and connective tissue. Lobules (glands) are responsible for milk production. Ducts (tubes) are working for carrying the milk to the nipple. Fibrous and fatty tissues have consisted of the connective tissues and these hold everything together. There are more chances to begin cancer in ducts and in lobules.

Through blood vessels and lymph vessels, this cancer can spread outside. When other parts of the body affected with spreading of this cancer than that call metastasize.

“A lot of women are not aware of that fact that just having redness or a rash can be a sign of this cancer, actually a sign of really aggressive breast cancer that shows up really quickly and then metastasizes and results in death really quickly,” Haricharan said.

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What are the causes of breast cancer?

There are no exact causes of this cancer, but some risk factors can play a role in causing this cancer. In these risk factors, some are preventable.

Risk factors

Risk factors are:-

Age. Drinking Alcohol.  Having dense breast tissue. Body-weight. Genetic. Previous breast cancer. Inherited risk. Never being pregnant. Early menstruation. Giving birth in old age. Hormone treatment

There are some risk factors over which you have control, such as being overweight or obese. Also, women who have three alcoholic drinks per week have a 15% higher risk of developing breast cancer, and that risk increases 10% for each additional drink.

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Signs of Breast Cancer

If we tell about the early stages of this cancer, then usually has no symptoms. An individual can see these signs as a grow of tumor:-

  • Lump in breast or underarm- After the period you seem that lump in breast or underarm doesn’t go away. This symptom of breast cancer is often the first. Lumps which are taking part in breast cancer are usually painless, prickly sensation may be caused by some lumps.  These lumps are visible in mammogram testing.
  • If you feel armpit swelling or collarbone swelling, then it means breast cancer covered slowly to lymph nodes in that area.
  • Pain or tenderness can take part in breast cancer
  • Over your entire breast, the skin is red or pitted
  • Breast cancer takes place when all parts of your breast are swallowed
  • A nipple that is inverted
  • When a sudden or unexpected change in your nipple like- pull inward, get dimpled, burn, itch, develop sores
  • If you have seen in some changes in breast like- the size, contour, texture, or temperature.
  • If you have seen unusual discharge from nipple other than breast milk. The discharge color could be clear, bloody, or another.

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What Are The Stages?

Stages depend on the size of the tumor and place where that spread to lymph nodes or other parts of the body. Stages are:-

  • Stage 0: In this stage, cells exist within a duct.
  • 1st Stage: In this stage, the size of the tumor has up to 2 centimeters across and lymph nodes are not affected by that.
  • 2nd Stage: There is 2 centimeter across tumor size in this stage. This stage the starting stage and in this stage the nearby nodes are affected by the tumor.
  • 3rd Stage: In this stage, the size of a tumor is up to 5 centimeter across. In this, some lymph nodes are affected.
  • 4th Stage: In this stage distant organs, bones, liver, brain, or lungs are affected by cancer.

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Bottom line

If an individual has any breast cancer symptom then it is not necessary that he affected from this cancer. But It is necessary that he consult the experienced doctor immediately.

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