Dengue fever foods to recover from dengue fever for good health

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There are some very essential and fast recovering dengue fever foods available in nature which is important to know by every dengue fever patients. Female Aedes Egyptic mosquito is responsible for dengue fever and it is a virus related disease. Dengue fever takes place under chronic category disease. In dengue disease, platelets going down in the human body and platelets are produced in bone marrow area.

Dengue fever foods


The starting point of dengue is indistinct, yet researchers have as of late suggested that dengue began in Asian forests in an irresistible cycle including mosquitoes and primates.

As indicated by the World Health Organization, roughly 50 million individuals are experiencing dengue fever. A more hazardous type of dengue contamination, in any case, called serious dengue, hospitalizes an expected 500,000 individuals (for the most part kids) each year. In some district of the world, serious dengue is lethal for over 5% of patients. An expected 2.5 billion to 3 billion individuals around the globe are presently in danger of dengue disease, and the majority of these individuals live in tropical, urban areas. The danger of dengue is higher in an urban district than in nonurban zones, however, dengue contaminations are expanding in provincial networks.


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Dengue fever foods


If anyone suffering from dengue fever, then consuming certain food items help to recover fast. The important foods for treating dengue are:-

1.  Papaya leaves

Leaves play a very important role from ancient time for treating dengue fever. Papaya leaves juice triggers the faster production of platelets in dengue patient. It is very effective if you consume it twice a day for treating dengue illness. Traditionally, papaya leaves use as a medicine in treating dengue and it is the best home remedy for treating dengue.

2.  Fruit juice

Vitamin C rich fruits play an important role in treating dengue fever because this antioxidant triggers collagen production and aids in increasing the body immune function. The specific vitamin C fruits are- kiwi, orange, guava, strawberry, pineapple. These fruits increase the lymphocytes production and this fight against viral infection. By consuming these citrus and vitamin C rich fruit juice you treated the dengue fast.

3.  Vegetable juice

If you consume carrot, cucumber, and other leafy greens as a juice then this fight against dengue symptoms. Vegetable juice is loaded with natural essential vitamins and minerals, so this aids in improving the immune system.

Iron and omega-3 fatty acids present in spinach in rich quantity, so this improves the immune system and increase the platelet counts in the body.

4.  Coconut water

It is one of the best dengue fever foods. Often, dehydration takes place in dengue fever. So, coconut water plays an important role as a natural source of water. Coconut water contains essential minerals and electrolyte. If you suffering from dengue then liquid diet is advisable for treating.

5.  Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains iron in rich value. It plays a beneficial role for the blood and aids in maintaining normal blood platelets for treating dengue fever.

6.  Porridge

It is a delicious cereal. Porridge is consuming as a breakfast around the world and contains high fiber and nutrient. It provides adequate strength to the body for fighting with dengue disease.

7.  Herbal tea

For reducing dengue fever symptoms, herbal tea plays an essential part. In herbal tea, you can use ginger, peppermint or cardamom flavors. Anti-inflammatory properties of ginger aids in decrease the dengue fever.

8.  Goat milk

Goat milk used for treating dengue fever, but this milk doesn’t have evidence for increasing the platelets counts in the body. Selenium present in goat milk in rich value which is beneficial in dengue. But according to Ayurveda, it helps to fight against dengue fever. Traditionally, goat milk is very helpful to recover from dengue fever.

9.  Protein-rich food

If you suffering from dengue fever virus then by consuming protein-rich food like- milk, egg and other dairy products. If you are a non-vegetarian person then you can use good quality of fish and chicken once begin recovering from the fever.

10.  Soups

Soups play a good role in helping to increase the appetite. If you consume it then it aids in the fight against joint pain and increases strength.



If anyone is suffering from dengue fever, the following should be avoided:-

  • Avoid spicy foods
  • Saturated fat foods
  • Processed food
  • Raw vegetables
  • Sugary and aerated drinks

Important tips


  • If you suffering from dengue you should take a large number of liquid foods with a light diet.
  • Complete bed rest is necessary for dengue fever.
  • Regularly blood tests are advisable for checking of platelets count.
  • If you find the symptoms of dengue fever, then never delay for treating them.

Therefore, Dengue fever foods play a very effective role in treating the symptoms of dengue fever.


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